Wednesday, November 20, 2013

DIY Owl Decorations - A Gift Idea

I wanted to make up a craft that was easy and inexpensive so I came up with this little sweetie. I am making them for Christmas gifts but you can make them for Christmas ornaments too. You can make them any shape or size that you want. I made 2 different shapes while I was experimenting and they both turned out great. I loved the fact that these did not cost me anything at all to make. I had all the materials that I needed right at my finger tips. Pine cones and twigs are FREE. hehe Your friends and family will adore these original decorations!! 

You will need:
Pruning shears
Pine cones
Hot glue gun
Foam or colored paper

I started to put together a blog post on how to do this project but realized that there were a lot of steps and pictures to explain. So I decided to give you a link to the video so you can watch the tutorial step-by-step as I do it instead of posting all the pictures. I am not sure I would do this project justice by doing that. 

 The video is very explanatory and it shows you in a clear way to do each step. 
Here is the link:
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Easy Owl Christmas Ornaments

They are so cute and you can make a bunch of them at one time!! They will make the perfect gifts for teachers, friends and family.



Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How To Make Melted Christmas Ornaments

This is an incredibly fun ornament to make. They are made out of plastic cups. One of the fun parts about making them is that it is always a surprise to see how they turn out. They all turn out different. An absolutely crazy fun ornament to make. Once we figured out the best way to put the holes in the ornaments, the ornaments were super easy. This took trial and error but we will tell you the best way to do it so you don't make the same mistakes we made. :)  

Do not miss our "HOW TO" video that we made. We show you step by step how to make them and we also show you the details of different ways to put the holes in the ornaments.
I am sure you will get a good laugh at how silly we are too. LOL


*Clear Plastic Solo Cups
(Do not get the cheap cups. They do not work well)
*Yarn or Fishing line
*Hole Punch
*Oven and Baking sheet w/foil

The first thing we do is color our cups with markers. Use your imagination to create cool designs. 
Here are a couple of our cup designs...

We set the oven on BROIL.

We discovered that the best way for kids to make the holes in their ornaments is to put the holes in the cups BEFORE you bake them. Make a few holes around the outside of the cup to be sure that at least one of the holes does not melt closed. During our experiment we punched 2 holes. One hole closed up but the other did not. It is also MUCH EASIER to punch the holes in the unbaked plastic. The plastic becomes brittle after it is baked and it was easy to break while punching the holes. Kymberly used a knife to put holes in the ornaments that were already baked but we do not recommend or encourage kids to use knives. 


After our cups are colored, we put foil on our baking sheet and then set the cups on top of the foil. Then we bake them for 20 seconds. That's right... 20 SECONDS
When we pull the ornaments out of the oven they are flat and wavy. They turn out AWESOME! The kids will have so much fun seeing how the ornaments change in just 20 seconds.
We take them off of the cookie sheet and let them cool on the counter.

Most of the clear areas turn white. It is a neat transition!!
After they are done cooling... they cool pretty quick... you can tie your string on.

This is MUST TRY for the Holiday season. The kids faces will light up when they see how quickly their artwork turns into something so different after a few seconds in the oven.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

DIY Snowman Christmas Ornaments

These darling Christmas ornaments are such fun to make and they would make AWESOME Christmas gifts for teachers and friends. They are made out of recycled bottle caps. These snowmen will be a great addition to any tree. They are also a great treat to add to the Holiday fun of making your own Christmas ornaments. 

You can see us make these cool snowmen by watching our "How To" video. 


Here is what you will need:

Bottle Caps
White Spray Paint
Orange and Black Markers
Black Felt
Small Twigs
Thin Black Ribbon
Glue Gun

The first thing that I do is make a scarf by crocheting with a chain stitch. I make it about 5 1/2 inches long. If you do not have a crochet hook, I show you in the video how you can do this with only your fingers. :)

I put all of my bottle caps onto an old feed bag and then spray painted them with white spray paint. I gave them a generous coat. After they dried, I flipped them over and sprayed the other side. I gave them 2 coats of paint but you may be able to get away with 1 coat.

The next thing I do is lay 3 bottle caps down on the table in a row. I cut my ribbon to about 6 1/2 inches long. Then I get my hot glue gun and put a line of glue down the center of each of the caps. I place the ribbon on top of the glue and then make a loop at the top of my snowman. I put another dot of glue to hold the loop in place. This will give you a way to hang your snowman on the tree. 

The next thing I do is put a dot of glue between each of the bottle caps and glue the bottle caps together. This will make your snowman one piece and it wont flop around.

I lay my snowman down and I draw the eyes mouth and buttons on the snowman with black. Then I draw an orange carrot nose. I also get the snowman's scarf and glue it around his neck. I put my scarf off to the side so it does not cover up the cute buttons. :)

I cut out a top hat with my black felt. You can make your top hat any color you want but I liked the black the best. Then I put a line of glue on the top hat and glue it to the snowman's head.

The last thing that we do is to glue the arms onto the snowman. I use small twigs that I cut off of a tree in my yard. I laid the snowman down and glued the twig onto the middle bottle cap across the back of the snowman.
I was asked on our YouTube video comments if we can do this same thing with plastic lids so I decided to give it a try. I made these two little sweeties (down below) out of gallon jug lids. I used fine sand paper to lightly scratch up the front of the lids to be sure that the paint stuck to the plastic. It did a great job. The glue may pull off the paint if you make a mistake so be careful to go light on the glue when you are using it to glue the lids together or putting the scarf on. Here is a picture of how mine turned out. :)
We hope you enjoy making these adorable snowmen as much as we did. Thanks for stopping by!
Merry Christmas!! 


Don't forget to watch our "How To" video. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

DIY Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin

This is the perfect fall decoration for a centerpiece, table or counter top. It is so much fun to make and it costs next to nothing for the materials. Your friends and family will love it! 

We made a video on how to do this adorable craft. If you would like to see it  

Here are all the materials that you will need for this project:

Mason Jar Lids (New or used)
Ribbon or a Large Twist Tie
Hot Glue
Cinnamon Stick
Green Felt or a Foam Sheet
1 Green Pipe Cleaner
Orange Spray Paint

The first thing we did was lay our lids out on an old feed bag. Then we lightly sprayed the lids with our orange spray paint. We gave it a light coat in order to give it a rustic look. Then we let them dry.

Now it is time to put our lids on our ribbon or twist tie. Make sure the lids are all facing the same direction.

Kymberly used ribbon to tie her lids together but I used a large twist tie. We discovered that it is easier to use a twist tie if you are going to do this craft by yourself. If you have a helper, than the ribbon is the way to go. :)
I held my finger on Kymberly's tied knot so she could secure the second knot and it would hold tight. This is pretty hard to do if you do not have help. That is why I wanted to figure out a way to be able to do it without help. The twist tie worked out great for doing it alone.

I love how it turned out. Once we figured out the best way to hold the lids together it was smooth sailing. hehe

After I got done with my pumpkin my Mother-in-law suggested that we put a leaf and vine crawler on the top. I loved the idea so I looked for a template that I could use to make my leaf. Here is the template that I found and printed out.  It worked perfectly! I used the smallest leaf on the pattern. I used my marker to make the outline of the inner lines of the leaf by following the pattern they had on the template.

The next thing I did was cut my green pipe cleaner in half. Then I wrapped the pipe cleaners around my pencil like this.

The last thing that I did was glue the leaf and vine crawlers onto the top of the pumpkin. 

It turned out so good! You will love making this craft!

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