Saturday, November 2, 2013

DIY Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin

This is the perfect fall decoration for a centerpiece, table or counter top. It is so much fun to make and it costs next to nothing for the materials. Your friends and family will love it! 

We made a video on how to do this adorable craft. If you would like to see it  

Here are all the materials that you will need for this project:

Mason Jar Lids (New or used)
Ribbon or a Large Twist Tie
Hot Glue
Cinnamon Stick
Green Felt or a Foam Sheet
1 Green Pipe Cleaner
Orange Spray Paint

The first thing we did was lay our lids out on an old feed bag. Then we lightly sprayed the lids with our orange spray paint. We gave it a light coat in order to give it a rustic look. Then we let them dry.

Now it is time to put our lids on our ribbon or twist tie. Make sure the lids are all facing the same direction.

Kymberly used ribbon to tie her lids together but I used a large twist tie. We discovered that it is easier to use a twist tie if you are going to do this craft by yourself. If you have a helper, than the ribbon is the way to go. :)
I held my finger on Kymberly's tied knot so she could secure the second knot and it would hold tight. This is pretty hard to do if you do not have help. That is why I wanted to figure out a way to be able to do it without help. The twist tie worked out great for doing it alone.

I love how it turned out. Once we figured out the best way to hold the lids together it was smooth sailing. hehe

After I got done with my pumpkin my Mother-in-law suggested that we put a leaf and vine crawler on the top. I loved the idea so I looked for a template that I could use to make my leaf. Here is the template that I found and printed out.  It worked perfectly! I used the smallest leaf on the pattern. I used my marker to make the outline of the inner lines of the leaf by following the pattern they had on the template.

The next thing I did was cut my green pipe cleaner in half. Then I wrapped the pipe cleaners around my pencil like this.

The last thing that I did was glue the leaf and vine crawlers onto the top of the pumpkin. 

It turned out so good! You will love making this craft!

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