Monday, April 14, 2014

DIY Solar Light Jars - Beach Theme

Here is a great craft for the whole family. Solar light jars. They will make great conversation pieces. This is a great way to reuse those old jars instead of throwing them away. I love to recycle and that is why I wanted to come up with this idea. They turned out much better than I expected and my husband loved the idea so much that he wanted to help me make them. LOL  You can watch us create these fabulous jars in our video!

For this project you will need:

*Glass Gem Accents (Found at the Dollar Store)
*Solar Lights
*Jars (Mason Jars work too) 
*Drill bit and drill
*Play Sand
*Summer Embellishments (mine were handmade but you can buy them or you can use sea shells)

Before starting my project I made all the embellishments that I wanted to use in my beach themed jars. You can be creative and make your jars any theme you would like to make them. I like the idea of saving some seashells from a beach vacation and using them in the jars to remember the good times that you had. I used foam sheets and cut them into pieces to make palm trees and umbrellas with beach balls. I did not have any sea shells so I used my polymer clay to make my own sea shells. We thought the beach theme would go great on our porch by the pool. 

I also made a couple of flower jars and one with a dragon fly and butterfly in it. I used green gem accent beads to represent the grass. This gave me another creative theme to put on my back porch. If you use your imagination, you can come up with endless ideas. 

The next thing that I do is unscrew the top part of my lights.

Then my husband drilled small holes in the center of the lids and helped me by attaching the light with the Amazing Goop on the top of the lid. Pick the size of the drill bit that will allow your light to fit inside of the lid.

We put the adhesive around the bottom of our solar light and then pressed the solar light on the lid. 

My husband also helped me spread the Amazing Goop on the lids while I put the twine on them to give it a decorative look.

I wrap my twine in rows around the lid like this and then pushed the twine into the adhesive with a pair of scissors. You can use your fingers too, but I think it is less messy to use the scissors. hehe When the whole lid is covered with twine I cut the twine and push the end into the adhesive to make sure that the end won't come loose.

Next I get my jar and fill the bottom part with play sand to give it that beach look and to weigh down the jar so it won't blow over easily.

Then I add a small amount of accent gems on top of the sand and then put my embellishments into the jar where I want them. You want to give yourself room to wiggle the embellishment where you want them and the small amount of accent gems will help hold it into place until you have all your embellishments placed. Then you add the rest of your accent gems and screw the lid on.

This is what my jar looked like when I was done. :)

  We hope this tutorial will inspire you to give this really cool craft a try. Please take time to visit our YouTube channel. Thank you so much for visiting our blog. :) 

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