Sunday, June 15, 2014

Easy Barefoot Sandals

One of the really awesome things about summer is the joys of walking around barefoot. When my daughter asked me to make her a pair of barefoot sandals for her birthday I knew that I would have to come up with something easy. After I figured out an easy pattern and tried them on, I was AMAZED at how much fun they were to make and how pretty they made me feel when I put them on. That is when I decided to make sandals for each of my girls, a couple of friends and a pair for myself. They make GREAT gifts. There is nothing better than to share the opportunity to feel pretty. hehe I also wanted to share with you how easy they are to make so you can experience their beauty also. That is why I made a step by step video on how to make these delightful sandals. 

This video is very easy to follow and I hope it encourages you to give this awesome project a try. 

The only things that you will need for this project are:
*String (I used colorful crochet string)
*Beading Cord or Hemp

Here are pictures of the sandals that I made.

I mostly used glass beads but I did use some gemstones and seashells on some of them.

Use your imagination to make each pair of sandals unique

 Use different patterns in your beads to create original designs.

Use different colors of string to add that special touch to each sandal. I was sure to make my girls sandals in their favorite colors. That way I knew that it would make them each feel special every time they wear their sandals.

They are very comfortable to wear with flip flops. This allows you to slip something on your feet easily if you need to. 

Don't miss out on how to make these beautiful sandals. Check out the YouTube video.
Easy Barefoot Sandals


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