Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Burlap Sunflower Tutorial

My living room is decorated in sunflowers. I saw a burlap sunflower in the craft store but the price on it was super high. I knew that I could make one myself for much less so I decided to give it a try. I love how my sunflower looks on the end table in my living room. It adds a warm and happy touch. 

Here is what you will need:
*Burlap Garland
*Thick Ribbon
*Pliers and Wire Cutters 
*Hot Glue Gun
*Green Twine/Jute
*A Straight Stick
*Piece of Cardboard
*An Old Vase
*Decorative Glass Beads
*Decorative Moss

If you would like to watch the video on how to make this project step by step...
Here is the link:

Lets get started!! :)

Measured out 3 pieces of burlap Garland to about 12 inches each.

Measure out 3 pieces of the thick ribbon to about 9 inches each.

Cut 12 small pieces of wire to about 2 or 3 inches each.

Twist the small pieces of wire on both ends of each piece of garland and ribbon. Use the pliers to help tighten the twist.

Once all of the pieces are twisted on both ends lay out the ribbon evenly like this.

Flip them over and tie a piece of twin to the center of all the ribbon pieces.

Now start adding one piece of garland at a time by tying each piece of garland once in the center.

Trace a circle onto the cardboard by using a ribbon spool as a circle guide. Then cut it out. 

It makes the perfect sized center for my flower.

Put some glue in the center of your cut out circle and start rolling the green twine at the center like this. I did this in small sections at a time. 

This is what it will look like when it is done. Cut the end of the twine off with scissors.

Turn the flower over and fix the petals of your flower so that they look evenly spread out. I put a bit of glue in between some of the petals to be sure they would stay in place.

Turn your flower over. Add some glue to the back of your flower center and press it onto your flower. 

Lets make the leaf. I make a leaf shape out of my wire. I hot glue the wire onto a piece of the garland. The garland was cut to about 6 inches.

After the wire is glued onto the burlap, use scissors and cut the burlap around the outside of the wire flower.

Glued some of the green twine around the top of the wire to hide it. Then turned it over and added twine to the other side too. This will give it a finished look. I also glued a little bit around the stem of the leaf.

Use your twine to cover your stick by wrapping the twine around the stick like this. I made sure that the end was glued securely with plenty of glue but once you get it started all you need to do is put one line down one side of the stick and twist the twine on. I do this in small sections at a time. I put my flower in a vase so I stopped wrapping the twine at the point where I knew the top of the vase would be on my stick. If you are not going to use a vase, you can wrap it to the bottom. 

Now you can tie the flower onto the top of your stick and cut the extra twine off of your flower.

The next step is to twist the leaf onto the stem of my flower. In order to hide the wire I glued a little bit more twine over top of the wire by wrapping it over the glue.

You can see how I put my flower in the vase by watching the video. 
How To Video:

Use your imagination to figure out how you would like your flower to decorate your house. These will also make GREAT gifts. :)

Thank you so much for visiting our blog. I hope this inspires you to give this lovely craft a try. 

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