Monday, August 4, 2014

DIY Easy String Bracelets

This is a super easy bracelet pattern that is fun and inexpensive to make. they are even washable. Kids will love making them but so will adults. :)  I made up this pattern so that I could add this project to the list of things that I am making for Christmas gifts this year. I wanted to share it with you so that you can have an extra gift idea for your friends and family too.  
I made a step by step tutorial for our YouTube channel if you would like to watch the video.

Here is what you will need:
*Measuring Tape
*Crochet Hook (optional-see video)
*Glue (optional)
*Clamp or Clipboard
*Cotton String
(I use Peaches and Cream string)

The first thing that we do is chain stitch the cotton string into 2 chains. I show you how to do this in the video. You can do this with or without the crochet hook. One chain will be about 12 inches.
The second chain will be about 54 inches.
This will make a bracelet that is about 9 inches long.
 You will need to adjust the chain length if you would like your bracelet to be longer or shorter. 

Once you crochet your chains to the length you need them we will fold our long chain in half and lay our short chain down on top of the folded piece. We will make the clasp where we folded the chain by tying a knot at the base of the clasp with the short chain tied in with it. This is where we will put the knot. Once the knot is tied you can cut off the extra string.

I put my clasp under my clamp and spread the chains out like this. The two long pieces go on the outside and the short piece goes on the inside.

I make a loop on the right side with the right string and put it under the center string like this...

Then I put that string over top of the left string so that it looks like this... 

Now I pick up the left string and put it through the loop on the right side like this... 

Then I pull it tight.

Now we do the same steps by starting on the left side this time... 

You continue this pattern until you run out of string or until the bracelet is the size you want it. 

Now we take our 3 end strings and tie a knot in the end. Then we trim off the end pieces. You will put the knot through the loop on the other end to hold your bracelet on.

The last thing that I do is put glue on the knots to be sure that the knots do not come undone. I used super glue but you can use tacky glue too.

There are lots of ways that you can make your bracelets different. You can add beads...

You can buy different colored string or even mix crochet string with your cotton string to give it a different look.
This bracelet reminds me of strawberries and cream.

Use your imagination to make your bracelets different and unique.
Don't forget to watch our video for more tips, tricks and techniques on how to make this bracelet. 

Thank you so much for visiting. I hope this tutorial was helpful to you and will inspire you to make your own bracelets. :) 

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Have a beautiful day!! 

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