Monday, November 3, 2014

Easy Homemade Christmas Ornaments

These little Christmas ornaments are so much fun to make and they are so EASY. They will make great gifts to give with Christmas cards. Your friends and family will love them. I made up a bunch of them to give to the teachers at my boys school. This will make a great Christmas craft for the kids too. Yes, it is that easy. :)  I hope you give this project a try. 

Here is a step by step video tutorial:

Here is what you will need: 
*Cardboard (I used an old cereal box)
*Green and Red Yarn
*Milk Jug Lid  (To measure the wreaths)
*Dime (To measure the wreaths)
*CD Case (To measure the yarn)
*Puffy Paint

Use your milk jug lid to measure the outside of your wreaths by tracing around the lid like this. 
 Now place the dime in the center of your wreath and trace around the dime. 
 Once you get several wreaths traced out, cut along the lines. I cut from the outside of the wreath to the traced line in the middle to make it easier to cut the center circle out. This will also make it easier for young kids to cut the center circle.
Get a piece of clear tape and tape where you cut from the outside to the inside circle. The tape will be covered with yarn so do not worry about it showing.  
 Measure your yarn by wrapping the yarn around a CD case several times. Then cut the yarn along the edges of the case. 
This will make enough yarn pieces to make several wreaths. 
 Now fold a piece of your cut yarn and put the folded end through the center hole. 
 Take the two ends of your folded string and pull it over the top of the cardboard like this.
Then put the two end strings through the folded end of your string and pull the string tight. Push all your strings close together as you do each one. 
  When you are done and the cardboard piece is covered with yarn, place a piece of paper under my wreath and evenly cut all the edges to make them even.  (The paper makes cleanup easy)  
 Cut a long piece of yarn and loop it onto the cardboard to give it a string to hang the ornament. Tie a couple of knots at the length that you would like the ornament to hang. Cut off the extra yarn. 
Tie a bow with the red yarn and hot glue the bow onto the bottom of the wreath like this. 

Now you have a cool ornament to hang on your tree or to give as a gift. 
You can leave your ornament plain or you can decorate it with beads or puffy paint. I love puffy paint so I decorated almost all of mine with puffy paint. :) Use your imagination to decorate your ornaments however you want them.

Here are a couple of the ornaments that my niece and I did together. We had such fun making them and it made great memories. 
View Video Tutorial:  

I really enjoyed coming up with this Christmas ornament idea. I had such a great time making our Winter Hat Christmas ornaments a couple of years ago that I wanted to make an ornament that was similar but different. If you haven't seen that tutorial... Check it out!  :)


Thank you so much for visiting our blog. I hope this gives you another great Christmas ornament idea to do with your kids. Merry Christmas!! 

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