Monday, September 23, 2013

Halloween Zombie Face Paint Tutorial

Our silly family decided to paint our faces to share with you some ideas on how to paint your face for Halloween. I know that as a mom I always wanted to find inexpensive costumes for my kids and we always liked to get creative. We found it very costly to buy costumes in the stores and they weren't very original. This is an inexpensive way to make your Halloween costume original and fun for kids AND adults. hehe 

You can follow this link to watch the video:

The first day of face painting tutorials is how to paint a Zombie face.

The first step to painting this scary face is to paint the face with a white base coat like this.
NOTE:  We used acrylic paint but I have since learned that face paint is a better choice because acrylic paint can cause serious reactions to your skin even though the bottle says it is non toxic. Here are some face painting tips to follow:
The second step is to paint large green circles around his eyes and then smaller black circles over top of the green.

The next step is to paint blood under the eyes and around the mouth. Be sure to pull the brush down with the red paint so that it gives it a dripping blood effect under his eyes.

Now we paint a light coat of white over top of the red area on his mouth to indicate where you want the teeth to be. We then paint a black outline around the white area and then draw the teeth where you want them to be. 

After the outlines of the teeth are made we paint a thicker coat of white on each tooth. We also give the teeth a little bit of yellow so that they look more real. You can give the teeth little bits of red to make it look like there is dried blood on the teeth.

Now we get a thicker brush and paint a black gash under his neck and we also give him black spots randomly around his face and forehead to make it look as if his flesh is falling off. We also give little tinges of white and red on the gash and around the dark spots to give it a shadow effect and to make it look like dried blood. 

The last step is to paint white eyes on the eye lids to make it look extra creepy.  

For more details on how to do this face you can watch the video. 



Day 5 Crying Ghost:

This one is super funny. LOL


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