Sunday, September 29, 2013

How To Cook Okra On The Grill

It is okra season and WOW are they yummy when they are made on the grill. This is one of the easiest ways that I have EVER made okra. I always liked okra so it does not matter how I make it, I will like it. I have heard that even those people who do NOT like okra, will LOVE okra when it is made on the grill. The flavor is amazing!! So, if you decide to give this recipe a chance, be sure to get more okra than you thought you would use because it will be a big hit. 

You will want to stick with the medium to smaller okra for ANY okra recipe. Okra can be stringy and very hard to chew if you get them large. They are tender when they are smaller.

I used 21 okra. I did not weigh them. :)
In a small bowl I mixed:
*About 2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil
*About a Teaspoon of Garlic Powder
*Pepper as desired
*And I used a small amount of Cajun seasoning but you can use any kind of seasoning that you like. 

Adjust the seasoning however you like it. The seasoning can be very versatile and the taste will be fabulous no matter how you do it. Promise. This is just how I did it. Use your imagination and use what you have in your kitchen to spice it up. :) 

I put a piece of foil on a tray. Then I pushed a skewer through the middle of each of the okra and laid them on the foil like this. I used a brush to brush the oil and seasoning onto the okra. Some people only brush the oil on before they cook it and then put the seasoning on last but WOW the taste was amazing with the seasoning baked onto the okra.

This is how warm our grill was when we put the okra on the grill. If you are not sure how hot your grill is, do not stress. I will show you a picture of what mine looked like when I flipped it. Just flip them when you think they are about done on that side. They become soft and will want to fall off the skewer when you flip them. Yum!

We lay the skewers on the grill like this. We cook with wood but any kind of grill works.
We cook them for about 5 minutes on one side. Then we flip them over and cook them for another 5 minutes.
This is what they looked like after we flipped them. Serve warm.

We cook EVERYTHING on the grill when we grill out. Cooking over the open fire is our favorite way to cook. Yes, I even make breads and biscuits on the grill. :) On this night we made fish, okra, homemade biscuits and tater tots. Hubby likes his french fries cooked on the grill too. 
Cooking with wood is a BIG cost savings. We learned to cook with wood and we will never have to buy charcoal or propane again. You can cut your own wood or buy it by the ric and you will cook so many more dinners at less cost than you would with charcoal or propane. I am reassured that my food does not have chemicals cooked into it also. It is also a great way for family to gather and talk while dinner cooks. We all enjoy sitting by the fire, basking in great conversations, while we slow cook our meals. It is a great way for any family to grow closer.

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  1. I love okra when fried ...I will have to try this and see if I like this way because it looks so yummy ! Your bread looks yummy too ! How did you do your bread ? Maybe you should just tell us how to cook everything on the grill for us Dummies lol :))))

  2. Yes I should make one about how to make bread. It is super easy too. hehe Jarrott loves it. :) Jarrott liked the Okra too. I think you will like it. We don't fry many foods anymore so I am always looking for ways to cook things without frying. There was a time when Jarrott would only eat fries if they were deep fried. He has changed his eating habits so much. LOL I love it.