Tuesday, December 17, 2013

4 Nifty New Years Tips

I want to share with you 4 easy tips that will help you start your new year off right.

You can watch our video to get full details on each of the tips. 

Here is a list of the tips:

TIP #1
The first tip is a money saving tip to help put you in a money saving frame of mind. By thinking about how you can save money in small ways, you are making yourself aware of how the little things add up. This is the perfect way to start this new year because by saving money on things that you do NOT need, you are putting money in your pocket for things you DO need. Let's start by saving money on our yearly calendars. 
I used to spend over $30 on new calendars every year. I found a way to pocket that money and still have beautiful, decorative calendars in my home. 

 TIP #2 
For the second tip I will tell you how I like to keep myself motivated to keep exercising. So many times we make our New Years resolutions and we wind up breaking the promise of keeping up with our workouts. By making our workouts fun and non-repetitive, we can change the way we think about keeping fit. You CAN look forward to your workouts instead of cringing at the thought. :) 

Tip #3
For the third tip I will share with you one of my favorite health and fitness websites. This website is FREE to use and they have so many great tools to encourage you along your path to better health. You can keep track of your diet, calories, protein, workouts and more from this site. The list of healthy recipes on their site is endless. You can even share your own recipes. They also have videos that offer free workout routines to encourage you to stay motivated. They have an app for your mobile devices to make it easy to use no matter where you are. They also offer lots of articles to uplift and keep us on track toward a healthier lifestyle. If you are interested in a community that is filled with people to encourage you... they have it. There are many like-minded people who interact with each other on this website. They have knitting groups, positively uplifting groups, reading groups... you name it. It is a great place to find the support you need to help you stay motivated to keep a healthy mind and body.
Check out the site: 

Tip #4
The last tip is to show you what you can do with your Christmas tree trimmings. Before you throw away your Christmas tree, cut off some of the branches and put them in a box or bag. They smell wonderful when you cut them into small pieces and simmer them in water. It is a great way to put your tree to good use. It makes your house smell so good. There will be plenty of branches to be able to change your pine potpourri every day. :) Give it a try. 

I hope these tips help and encourage you to get your New Year started off right. Thank you so much for stopping by our blog. Don't forget to check out the video and subscribe so you don't miss anything. 
Have a beautiful New Year! 

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