Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Make A Christmas Ornament For Your Pet

I love this project!! It is super fun to do with your kids and it is a great way to remember your pets each year when you decorate your Christmas tree. We used polymer clay to make these ornaments. It is such fun to work with polymer clay. You can make this project out of salt dough too but I wanted to try it with polymer clay because I thought it would last longer. :) 

These make GREAT gifts! I made most of mine to give as gifts. It is such a thoughtful way to surprise your friends and family who have special pets that share their lives. You may have to get creative with how you will get your Mom's dog to give you a foot print if you want to surprise her. hehe 

You can make paw print ornaments for your cats and dogs. 

I also came up with a way to always remember your favorite pet horse. You take the horses hair out of their brush and wrap it around your fingers to make a wreath. Then you add a bow to it and glue it on your clay ornament. 

I love how this one turned out!!

I know that many of us love our little pet birds so I came up with this little idea. I took a saved feather and made an ornament for my girlfriends little bird. I know she will adore this little gift.  

Use your imagination to make your ornaments the way you like them and make them as colorful as you like. 

I added glitter to this one. 

If you would like to see the step-by-step tutorial on how to make these adorable Christmas Ornaments you can watch the video by clicking this link. 
You will also meet my pets who so sweetly let us record the process so we could share it with you. :)

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Have a very Merry Christmas!!

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