Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Precious Gift of Creativity

I started EasyMeWorld to encourage others to use their imaginations. Creativity is such a beautiful gift. It blossoms and seems to grow bigger every time we use it. Being creative is like reaching into our hearts and pulling out a precious gem that has been tucked away just waiting to be revealed. By using this precious gift we can release our inner knowing that we can do whatever our heart desires. There is no judgment while using our imaginations. It is a time to 'let go' of all rules and be free. It is a time to expand our inner joy. When we expand our inner joy, we touch everyone around us with a smile from our hearts. We do not even have to try. It is pretty simple actually. All we have to do is 'let go'. Let it flow. It does not matter how your creation turns out. If you are not happy with it, start again. Sometimes those things that we 'thought' were mistakes can turn out to be a masterpiece. Some people say that they are not very creative. This is only a lie that they tell themselves because they are afraid that others will judge them. This is only a belief, not a fact. We are ALL creators. We create from different perspectives. That is what makes us all so beautiful.