Thursday, September 11, 2014

Autumn Table Decoration

These Autumn table decorations are quick and easy to make. They are inexpensive and will dazzle any autumn arrangement to make it seem alive. The leaves glitter in the light whenever a slight breeze touches them. I guarantee that you will love doing this simple craft.

What you will need:
Dry beans or popcorn
Decorative fall leaves
Twigs or branches
Twig cutters
Wire cutters
Metallic leaf garland (It comes in different colors)
Jelly jar or Mason jar

Here is our step by step video tutorial that will show you how to do this project:

1.  Cut small branches/twigs and use the twigs to to fill the jar nicely.

2. Once you figure out how many branches/twigs look good in the jar, use your leaf garland to wrap around each branch. It is pretty easy to get the garland to stay on the branches because the wire is easy to pinch around them and it holds in place nicely. Use your wire cutters to trim the wire garland to fit each branch.

3. Now set aside the branches and fill your jar half way with dry beans or popcorn. 

4.  Tuck the decorative loose leaves between the glass of the jar and the beans so that the pretty side of the leaves are facing out. The beans help hold the leaves in place while you place the leaves where you want them.

5.  Get your ribbon and tie a bow around the top of the jar. I used cranberry embellishments to add an extra autumn touch to mine but a simple bow will work wonderfully. 

 6.  Put a few more beans in the jar but not so that it is all the way full because you want your branches/twigs to have room to fit in the jar too. Arrange your branches to look nice.

That is all you have to do!  It is a beautiful table decoration that is simple but looks amazing. 

Happy Fall!!

Also, Check out our Acorn video tutorial:

You will love this one too. :)

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