Wednesday, September 3, 2014

DIY Acorn Craft

This is such an easy and quick craft decoration to make for fall. I love fall! It is my favorite season to decorate for. They make a great centerpiece for any table. You will love making this craft. 

What you will need:
I used burlap ribbon for most of these darling acorns but you can use any kind of material that you have handy. I also like them made with fall colored materials. I used pine cone petals for the top. The acorn is stuffed with packing paper that I saved from a package that I got a while ago. I like to recycle things when doing my crafts. :)  I also used small twigs for the stem, a small piece of twine or yarn and a glue gun. That is all you will need. Use your imagination to make this project out of things that you already have. 

I made a step-by-step video tutorial if you would like to watch me make it
Here is the link:

The first thing I do is to prepare my pine cone petals. I pick off what petals I can with my fingers and when they get hard to pick of, I cut them off like this.

I make sure that all my pine cone petals are not curved on the ends because they will not lay flat on your acorn if they are curved.

This is what you want them to look like... 

Next, I cut a piece of my burlap ribbon to the size of a square. If you are using material or felt, you can cut them into a square too. 

Now I cut my twigs. I made mine about 1.5 inches long.

I rip my paper into small pieces and then start rolling the pieces of paper into a ball. I know that the ball is the right size when it fits into my square piece of burlap and I have enough room at the top to tie it closed.

I use a small piece of twine to tie the top together but you can use yarn or string. 

Now I cut the extra material off of the top. I just cut it straight across like this...

I get one of my twigs and push it into the center of the top.

I glue the pine cone petals around the top of the acorn in rows. Like this...

I had three rows of pine cone petals for each of my acorns. This is what my acorn looks like when it is done. 

I hope you enjoy making your own acorn crafts. Thank you so much for visiting. 
Check out the Acorn video tutorial:

We also have a video on how we dry out our own pine cones:

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Have a beautiful day!! 

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