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How To Style Your T-Shirt - 4 Styles

How To Style Your T-Shirt -  4 Styles

This is a simple tutorial on how to make 4 different T-shirt styles by cutting and tying. No sewing required. They are fun to make and they turned out AWESOME! This is a great way to style an old T-shirt to give it new life. It is really exciting to make your own styles.

Our video has lots of visuals and a very easy step by step tutorial. 
A link to the video:  How To Style Your T-shirt - 4 Styles

Last week we showed you how we used old T-shirts to tie dye with Sharpie markers. This week we want to show you how we styled our T-shirts.


How to make a little girl's dress out of a T-shirt 
How To Make A Little Girl's Dress Out of a T-shirt

We laid our T-shirt on the floor and cut out the collar and both sleeves.  

Then we cut the seams off of the shoulders.

We put a small "V" at the neckline in the front of the shirt.

Then we tie the two front pieces.

We put the shirt on Daja and made a small cut down the back of the neckline. We make a practice knot at the shoulders to see if the cut is long enough to tie.
Once we see that the cut is long enough, we lay the shirt on the floor and cut a "V" to the bottom of the cut line.

Then we get one of the cut off sleeves and cut a strip off of it. Then we tied the shoulders, put the strip under the back straps and tie the strip together.

STYLE #2 and #3
How to make a vest and scarf.

Lay the shirt on the floor and cut all the way up both sides of the T-shirt and then the sleeves. 

Now we cut the collar off and the bottom seam.

The last thing we do is stretch the edges.

You put your arms through the hole with one shoulder seam at the back of your neck and the other at your lower back.
Wrap the shirt around your neck and put one side into the hole and let the scarf fall down the front.

How to make a shirt with ties and beads.
How To Make A Shirt With Ties and Beads

The first thing I did was cut slits down the side and then cut each slit so I can tie them.

I cut the seam off of the sleeve and cut slits on the sleeves too.

Then I tie the slits together down both sides of the shirt.

Now I cut the collar off.

I cut the seams off of the shoulders.

Now I cut a slit in the middle of each shoulder.

I then tie a knot on each side of the slit.

I pull each cut strand on the sleeves to stretch them and then put a bead on each one of the strands. Then I tie the end so the bead wont fall off. 

I hope this tutorial makes it easy for you to make a stylish T-shirt too. Please leave a comment below if you give this a try or if you have any other ideas. Thank you so much for stopping by. Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss anything.


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