Friday, July 19, 2013

How To Make A Tie Dye T-shirt With Sharpie Markers

This is such a fun project for kids AND adults! It is easy and inexpensive. It is a great way to make your old T-shirts look new. 

What you will need:
*An Old T-shirt
*Sharpie Markers
*Rubbing Alcohol
*Rubber Band
*Dropper or Squirt Bottle

The first thing we did was pour the rubbing alcohol into our dropper bottles. The droppers make it easy to apply the alcohol to our designs.
 The next thing we do is place our T-shirt over the top of the cup and place the rubber band around the cup. After we are done coloring our design we filled the droppers with rubbing alcohol and squirt it over the marker designs.
The more rubbing alcohol you use on your designs, the more the colors blend. It is a lot of fun and very creative to come up with great patterns.
The last thing we do is set the T-shirts out to dry. 

1. Make sure you use plenty of alcohol

2. You do not have to use the cup. You can make your design anything you want it to be. You can even write names or words. If you use names or words, be sure to put cardboard or something between the front and back so the words don't bleed onto the other side of the T-shirt. 

3. If you press the colored portion of your shirt onto a part of the shirt that was not colored and you wet it with rubbing alcohol, it will transfer the colors to the uncolored part.

Watch our video on how we did our Tie Dye T-shirts!