Wednesday, October 16, 2013

DIY Fall Window Decorations

Here is a great way to decorate a window to make it look like leaves are falling in front of it. It is inexpensive to make and you can get the leaves and raffia at the dollar store. I came up with this idea last year when I was trying to think of things to make with my raffia to decorate my house for fall. It turned out so awesome and everyone who see's it loves it. I gave all of the decorations I made last year to my daughter so this year I wanted to make one for myself and make a video while I did it so you can make one too. I used beads to add an extra special touch to it but you do not have to add beads if you do not want to. It looks great without the beads too. I also made a bunch of these to decorate for a barn wedding last year. We hung them against the walls with white lights behind them and it looked AMAZING. We also hung them along the edge of the cake table to give it a country look. There are so many things that you can decorate with this idea. I hope you enjoy making this craft too.

Link to video tutorial: 

You will need:
Glue gun
Decorative leaves
Markers or paint
A stick for the top (You can use twine for this)

The first thing that we do is paint or color our beads. We used Sharpie markers to put all kinds of Autumn designs on our beads. It added that special loving touch. :)
Here are some examples...

Now we cut pieces of twin and tie them evenly along your string or twine like this... 

Note: If you use twine, be sure to tie a loop at the ends of the top piece to make it easy to hang up when you are finished. 

We push the twine through the beads and be sure to tie a knot under each bead so that they stay in place. We tie the beads on the twine so that they hang randomly and not straight across.

Now we tie our raffia onto our stick or top piece of twin so that the pieces hang evenly between the twine and beads. 

The next step is to split each piece of raffia to make the pieces thinner. This makes your decoration look more full and softer looking. We use our fingernails to grab each side of a piece of raffia. Then we pull them apart. It is really simple and I find it relaxing to do while watching my favorite TV show or sitting on the porch. You pull each piece apart and make them as thin as you can. The results are awesome.

The last thing we do is randomly glue our decorative leaves onto the top of our raffia. Make sure you use different colors and sizes. We also placed them in different directions so that it it gives the appearance of falling leaves.

We hope you enjoy making this craft as much as we did. Thanks for visiting. 

Remember to watch our video for more details.




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